Thursday, November 7, 2013

Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Cast: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt, Russell Brand, and Miranda Cosgrove

Director: Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud

Synopsis: Steve Carell stars as Gru, an ex super villain who has given up his evil ways in exchange for raising his three adopted daughters. Gru is recruited by the Lucy (Kirsten Wiig), to help catch a dangerous villain and protect the world from dangerous, mutated minions.

Reviewer’s Rating: 5/5 Reels


Pierre Coffin and Christ Renaud bring back all our favorite friends as well as a few new characters in their successfully humorous sequel to a well beloved animated film.

Gru has given up his evil ways for good in order to raise his three young daughters Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Gru is introduced to the energetic and effervescent Lucy when she kidnaps him and takes him back to the secret lair of the Anti-Villain League. They’re friendship grows as they work together to determine which seemingly innocent mall shop owner has stolen a dangerous chemical that can be used to create vicious, man-eating monsters.

Gru’s band of loyal Minions are continually kidnapped throughout the movie and are found lounging on a tropical island. Suddenly it becomes clear that our mysterious villain is intending to create a dangerous army of mutant minions by injecting them with the stolen serum. These twitching, purple minions are the brilliant plan to take over the world. It takes Gru and his whole gang, Margo, Edith, Agnes, and Dr. Nefario, to save the minions as well as Lucy who is rocketed to her death.

This sequel matched the levels of humor and excitement from the previous Despicable Me movie, and captures your heart once more.  Gru is an adorable father who clearly loves his girls. The only piece missing is a mom, and when he least expects it, Gru begins to fall for Lucy. Her joyful and carefree character is a perfect contrast to Gru’s more sarcastic and reserved personality. They make a humorous crime fighting pair and an adorable couple. In true comedy style this movie ends with a joyous wedding.

The minions are the humorous backbone of this movie. While not usually the main character of a scene, they provide comedic relief in their physical comedy, their laughter, and their pop cultural references.  One of their many funny scenes includes being dressed up like The Village People and singing YMCA in their minion language. Their expressive faces and silly babbling are always good for a laugh. 

Benjamin Bratt does an excellent joy playing the jolly Mexican restaurant owner who is secretly El Macho, the toughest, manliest villain in the world. While Bratt’s smooth, suave voice does not exude the roughness one would associate with the name El Macho, he did an excellent job walking the line between a good and evil character.

The plot has numerous twist and shifts as Gru and Lucy try to determine who the evil mastermind is and how to stop them from taking over the world. When one problem seemed resolved another would arise and keep the story moving. Some scenes may seem a little slow or seem unimportant, but the necessity of every detail is tied together in the end as the good guys conquer over evil.

I would highly recommend this movie to someone looking for a happy, light-hearted movie or anyone who is need of a good laugh. It would be nearly impossible to not leave the movie happy and with a smile on your face.

By Adrienne Grey

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  1. I like how you start out with restating the fun characters we see in the first movie-it brings back memories of the first movie that will help the reviewer remember the first part of the story as they hear what the new movie is going to be about. I like how you said, “This sequel matched the levels of humor and excitement from the previous Despicable Me movie, and captures your heart once more.” It compares both movies and shows that it will be just as good as the first movie. I really want to see it now! Great film review!


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